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Alphabet Ball
The chart is sold separately and is not part of our packages.  The packages are special order only.
Brown Ball
Retail Price for the Linen and Weeks: $79.00
Special Package Price: $67.00

32 count Natural Linen
Weeks: Brick (Qty 2), Chesapeake (Qty 2), Hazelnut (Qty 2),  Juniper (Qty 2), Molasses (Qty 4), Mulberry (Qty 2)
$2.50 each

Multi-Colored Ball
Retail Price for the Linens and Silk Threads: $93.70
Special Package Price: $80.00

28 count Riviera Gold
28 count Riviera Aqua
28 count Riviera Olive
28 count Riviera Coral
28 count Lilac
$12.00 each
Caron Waterlilies: 296 (Qty 2)
$6.60 each
Soie Cristale: 3042, 4022, 5032, 6010, 8112
$4.10 each

the quaker keeper
The Quaker Keeper

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