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Stitch Over Two

Retail Price for the Chart, both Linens and Threads: $34.50
Special Package Price: $29.00

32 count Straw special cut
32 count "Linen" special cut
Gentle Arts: Mistletoe, Walnut
$2.50 each
Weeks: Aztec Red, Dolphin, Linen
$2.50 each

Around the Holidays
This is a new six part series that is released every other month.  Each chart includes a design for a short stack drum and a flap jack pillow. 
All designs are done on 32 count Colonial Parchment by Hand-dyed Fabrics by Stephanie (a new color!).
The first release is "Oh Say Can You Sea" - the other five double chart pack designs will be the same size, but the colors will be different.

We are pleased to offer the following package for the first release:
Retail Price for the Chart, Linen and Threads: $54.24
Special Package Price: $46.00
(Extras... You will need two sets of JABC Pin Minis to decorate both designs.  These are $12.00 each.  One piece of Blue Corn Velveteen is included in the chart pack, but you will need to purchase
an additional piece to finish both designs.  This is $7.00.  Thundercloud Chenille is the trim used for the pillow and is available for $6.00 for a package.  No discounts, please on these additional items)

"Oh Say Can You Sea" (comes with one piece of Blue Corn Velveteen)
32 count Colonial Parchment
DMC: Ecru, 3865
$.87 each
Gentle Arts: Baby Spinach, Bittersweet, Cidermill Brown, Dungarees, Fragrant Cloves, Misty Harbor, Old Brick, Rhubarb, Spring Grass, Tropical Ocean
$2.50 each

Autoship Available!
This is a 9 part ornament series that will be released in sets of 3 individual charts.
The finishing kit includes 9 dyed to coordinate woolfelt balls, coordinating bakers twine, and picture instructions to attach the woolfelt ball hanger.
Future Autoships will be 3 charts and 3 linens for $36.00 (no discounts, please) in late April and again in late June.

Retail Price for the First Three Charts, Three Pieces of Linen and all Threads plus a Finishing Kit: $85.80
Special Package Price: $73.00

First three charts (no discounts, please)
$6.00 each
32 count Straw from Weeks, 9x9 special cut (no discounts, please)
$6.00 each
Finishing Kit (no discounts, please)
Classic Colorworks (for the entire series): Bamboo (Qty 3), Chai, Cocoa Bean, Deep Fennel (Qty 2), Gingersnap, Hickory Sticks (Qty 2), Jolly Holly (Qty 2),
                                                                   Old Money (Qty 2), Petite Maison, Queen Bee, Spinach
$2.40 each

Chalk on the Farm - Fresh Eggs Farm
There are also two needle nannies associated with this design - they are available for $12.00 each (no discounts, please).
Retail Price for the Chart, Linen and Threads: $73.80
Special Package Price: $63.00

32 count Slate by Hand-Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie (enough to do both designs)
Classic Colorworks: Barn Door, Deep Blue Sea
$2.40 each
Gentle Arts: Baby Spinach, Chalk (Qty 3), Daffodil, Rhubarb, Shutter Green (Qty 2), Slate, Victorian Pink
$2.50 each

To order or get more information on any of the items above, please send email to:

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