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Heart In Hand - Snowscapes & Snow Squalls

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January - Forest Snow Squall

Snowscapes and Snow Squalls
This is a new 3 part series debuting the first week of January, 2017.  Each month you will receive one portion of the large Snowscape design, a chart for a Snow Squall, and an embellishment package.
Our package includes enough thread to do the large picture as well as the three Snow Squalls.

Chartpack 2 & Embellishment $13.00 (no discounts, please) - in February
Chartpack 3 & Embellishment $13.00 (no discounts, please) - in March

Retail price for the First Chart, both Linens, and Threads: $85.30
Special Package Price: $73.00

Chartpack 1 and embellishments (no discounts, please)
28 count Dwarf from Picture This Plus (large enough for the entire picture)
32 count V. Country Mocha (large enough for all three Snow Squalls)
Classic Colorworks: Black Coffee, Caribbean Waters, Carrie Berry, Cherry Tomato, Eve's Leaves, Queen Bee, Really Teally
$2.40 each
Gentle Arts: Chives, Freedom, Hibiscus, Holly Berry, Hyacinth, Wood Trail
$2.50 each
Weeks: Cinnabar, Hunter, Pumpkin, White Wash (Qty 2)
$2.50 each


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