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Samsarah Santa's Cabinet

Santa's Cabinet is a 5 part series.  Our package will contain the chart and embellishments for part one, linen and threads to stitch the entire series. 
We will be happy to sign you up for auto ship for the remaining 4 charts and embellishments.

Part 4
Naughty or Nice
$16.60 with buttons


Part 2
Mending Kit
$14.50 with buttons


Part 3
Naughty or Nice
$17.20 with buttons


Part 1: The Elves
(Linen and threads in the package are for all parts - Future chart prices will vary depending on the number of embellishments used.)
Retail price for the Chart, Embellishments, Linen, and Specialty Threads: $88.10
Special Package Price: $75.00

Chart - The Elves
30 count Blue Jeans from Weeks
Classic Colorworks: Frog Legs
Gentle Arts: Acorn, Cast Iron Skillet (Qty 2), Cranberry, Ohio Lemon Pie, Ruby Slipper (Qty 2), Straw Bonnet (Qty 2), Toffee (Qty 2)
$2.10 each
Weeks: Amber, Amethyst, Collards (Qty 2), Dirt Road (Qty 2), Grits (Qty 2), Hibiscus, Sanguine, Sea Foam, Swamp Water
$2.50 each

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