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2019 Baker's Dozen Fabric of the Month Club

featuring Picture This Plus Fabrics

The theme for 2019 is our Sampler Collection Two.
Picture This Plus has many wonderful colors appropriate for samplers and background that we wanted to offer another year of these wonderful shades.
This new year will feature all new colors not offered in 2018.  One that we are pleased to present is Heartland, which was used only for one of the
Lizzie Kate mysteries.  This color will be one of the 2019 Nashville releases by PTP.
The fabrics in the photo above are from Left to Right on the top row: Pewter, Murmur, Heartland, Ariel, Fog, Highland and Feldspar.
The bottom row fabrics, from Left to Right are Earthen, Tycho, Helix, Sand, Arctic and Fresco.

When you join our club, beginning in January 2019 we will ship you one of these linens each month.
 In December, you will receive your regular piece of linen, plus a 13th piece "on us" as a way of saying thanks for participating. 

There are a few rules (Set by Picture This Plus, so that they have enough lead time to dye and prepare fabric for the club):
  • You must commit to a full year
  • You choose the count and type of fabric when you join the club, and you cannot change it during the year
  • You choose the amount of fabric each month, and you cannot change it during the year
  • Your free baker's dozen piece will be the same count, type, and amount of fabric that you have received all year
  • We randomly choose the color that you will receive each month
  • You may cancel at any time, but if you cancel at any time during the year, you will not receive the free piece of cloth in December
  • We ship all packages via US mail as safely and inexpensively as possible.  We do track all of our packages.

Please remember that once you choose your count and size of fabric, and your choice of regular or Crystal, you will not be able to change it during the year. You must also remain with the program for the entire year to receive your free fabric in December. However, you may cancel your membership at any time.

Signups are from October 1 to November 30, 2018.  We regret that we will not be able to take any signups after November 30 due to the time
needed by Picture This Plus to prepare for the January shipment.


1/4 Yard
1/2 Yard
1 Yard
Aida 14, 16, 18
Crystal (Opalescence) Aida 14, 16, 18
Lugana 28, 32
Crystal (Opalescence) Lugana 28, 32
Cashel 28
Belfast 32
Endinburgh 36
Crystal (Opalescence) Cashel 28
Crystal (Opalescence) Belfast 32
Crystal (Opalescence) Endinburgh 36
Newcastle 40 $29.00
Crystal (Opalescence) Newcastle 40 $32.00

To sign up, call 888-423-8008 or email and let us know the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Payment Information (Please don't send this over email! Call us if we don't have your payment info - we accept all major credit cards and Paypal)
  • Your chosen fabric count
  • Regular or crystal fabric
  • Size of the cut

We will ship your fabric via US Mail as safely and inexpensively as possible with tracking information.

We hope you will join us again this year for our Baker's Dozen Fabric of the Month Club!


To order or get more information on any of the items above, please send email to:

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