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With Thy Needle And Thread - 2022 Releases

Please note that the designer has requested that her charts not be discounted, and we are respecting that request.

O Lucky Day!
Option 1 - Retail Price for the Chart, your choice of Linen and all DMC: $49.87
Special Package Price: $42.00

Option 2 - Retail Price for the Booklet, your choice of Linen and the DMC Diamant: $37.00
Special Package Price: $32.00

Package includes
Chart (no discount as requested by the designer) $12.00 if purchased separately
32 or 36 count Patriot's Brew
DMC Diamant Metallic: D3821
DMC: 13 skeins

To order or get more information on any of the items above, please send email to:

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