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Nashville Market 2010

Shepherd's Bush

Drema is bringing home the following:

We will be doing packages on these.  Check back for more details!

Winter Snows Leaflet with Button - $11.00
Spring Blooms Leaflet with Button - $11.00

We also have the following kits -

Blue Snowman - $28.00
My Land - $60.00
Liberty Pin cushion - $20.00
Liberty Scissor Fob - $16.00
Let Your Light Shine - $14.00
Lucky Sheep - $18.00

Just Nan

We now have just about all the pics and package prices for Nan's new releases including her show specials which are very limited!

Embellishing Bits

These pins are available by special order only.  Please let Drema know if she can order any for you!

Hat Pins - 3 per package all 3" long
$10.00 per package

Icicle Blue Hat Pins
Coordinates with "Snow Queen's Slipper" by Carolina House Designs

Wall Flowers Hat Pins
Coordinates with "Walled Garden Etui" by Wendy KC Designs

Gerberas for You Hat Pins
Coordinates with "Daisy Daisy" by Wendy KC Designs

Tuffet Flowers Hat Pins
Coordinates with "Pretty Pretty Pleats" by Acorn House Designs

Wendy KC Designs

Daisy Daisy Basket with Thread Roll, Pin Cube, Ruler Holderand Scissors Fob
Chart - $18.50
There is also a complete kit available by special order only for $91.00

Walled Garden Etui
Chart - $16.50
There is also a complete kit available by special order only for $94.00

Plum Street Samplers

Drema's bringing home 3 samplers from Paulette....they are very nice!!!

The Queen's Crowns

The Queen's Sampler - Elizabeth 1

Thirteen Owls

Blackbird Designs

In Barb & Alma's new book, "Honeysuckle Manor", there are several designs that use a wooden pincushion base.  The bases are hand-painted to give them a "distressed look".  These are very limited and will be available on a "first come-first served" basis.  The price of each base is $27.00 with no discounts.

Little House Needleworks/Impie, Hattie & Bea/Hoffman Distributing

Much to my dismay, I don't have a pic yet, but I do have some pricing info.

The price of the chart, threads and pre-finished item is $36.00.  You will also need a piece of 32 count Natural linen which is $9.00 and a piece of 18 count natural Cork linen which is $4.00.  The total for everything will be $49.00.  The special package price will be $42.00.  The Little House Needleworks design is not available separately.  If you do not want the fabric the price is $36.00 with no additional discounts.


We are bringing home a new kit from Nora, "Floss Fairy", the first kit in a series of Stitching Fairies.  This kit will contain all of the threads in full skeins, necessary treasures, beads, braids, and linen.  The kit retails for $69.00 but is eligible for the 20% discount! 

Cherished Stitches

Louise will have a very limited tin at Nashville.  If you are interested, please email Drema as soon as possible so that she is sure to bring one home for you!

"Blue Floral Tin & Accessories"
$88.00 (No discounts please)

Includes tin, 36 ct white linen, Anchor and DMC threads, silk fabric, silk ribbon, batting, beads, wool for needlepages, Weeks Dye Works wool for strawberry cap, and a set of quick start boards and a thread card designed by In the Company of Friends to co-ordinate with the set.

Blue Ribbon Designs

We now have package and pricing information on Belinda's 3 new releases!!!

Little House Needleworks/Impie, Hattie & Bea/Hoffman Distributing

Yes, of course we will have the new limited edition!  This year's piece will require 2 very different counts of linen and we will be able to provide them as well!!

With My Needle

 We've added package information for Ellen's 3 new releases. 
Check out pics and all the details here!! 

Praiseworthy Stitches

There will be several new releases at Nashville - 2 charts and 3 kits.  The kits are VERY LIMITED (only 200 of each available) and we will have a very limited part of the 200.  If you are interested, please don't hesitate to let Drema know!

We don't have prices yet but will update as soon as we can!

"Pumpkin Etui"
This has a pumpkin-shaped pincushion, a scissor weight and a sweet needlebook.  It all fits in the orange pumpkin container!

"Jingle Bell Ornament Kit"
This has a Christmas cookie cutter "frame" with a tiny piece of stitching inside.  It is then decorated with ribbons and beads!


"Eggstraordinary Egg"
Includes all the materials for an egg-shaped needle book, the cutest bunny scissor weight, a pincushion and the cutest chick ort container!


"Emiliana's Sewing Case"

This is a purse styled case that is stitched on front and back.  It features 2 small samplers, assorted pockets for threads and miscellaneouse needlework items as well as bargello on the outside.  Included inthe chart pack are complete stitching and finishing instructions!

"Simple Gifts - Joy"

New Fibers

There will be new fiber colors from Gentle Arts, Weeks Dye Works, and, Crescent Colours.  We will have them all!!

Blackbird Designs

Alma and Barb will have several new items at Nashville, including a new book and two new Rewards of Merit.  We will have all of these as well as anything else that Alma and Barb bring for there needlework followers!!

Island Cottage Needlearts

 A Heart for You Thread
Palette Prims Kit 

 Harvest Moon

 Ohio Star

Samplers Remembered

French Heart Alphabet and Motif Sampler

Village Square Sampler
Mary Allen 1818

Carolina House Designs

The Snow Queen's Slipper with Accessories
Chart - $16.00
Complete Kit available by special order - $33.00

Acorn House Designs

Pretty Pretty Pleats
Chart - $14.00
Complete Kit available by special order - $43.00

Kelmscott Designs

Paula will have quite a few new releases at Nashville!! 

Needleminders - $9.50 each
Hearts Afire & Hummingbird

New Mother of Pearl Items
Heart Buckle - 3 to a package - about an 1" in size - $7.00
Daisy Thread Rings - 7 in a package - $8.50
Strawberry Thread Keep - $9.50

New Scissors
Steweb Scissors - $11.50
Chocolate Little Gems - $9.50

With My Needle

Ellen will have 3 new designs at Nashville.  All are wonderful!  We will have package information soon but for now, check out the pics, decides which ones you want, and let Drema know!!

Quaker Sampling III

Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif

Within My Heart Sewing Case


We have information regarding 3 special kits from Linda.  No prices or pics but some descriptions to entice you!!!

"Spring Fab Fob Kit" (Limited Edition 1000) is a big dose of spring colors, motifs and the cutest little scissors you’ve ever seen!  Kelmscott made us some custom L*K scissors with pink and aqua handles and they’re darling, AND they’re airline approved! The kit includes sunshine yellow Jazlyn fabric, custom scissors, chartreuse and pink/orange beads and pattern.

"Chicks Rule Kit" (Limited Edition 1000) is just what it sounds like 3 little chicks who look like they’rre in charge!  Perfect for Easter, or whenever you want to rule the roost!  Kit includes 30 ct. cream linen, 3 custom orange beak buttons and pattern.

"ABC’s of Aging Artfully".  What does this mean? It’s the L*K way of saying we’re not getting older, we’re getting more interesting!  These ABC’s turn convention upside down and are sure to put a smile on your face while you stitch. Kit includes a vibrant palette of Crescent Colours, Weeks Dye Works and DMC to make your stitchery ageless!

 Carriage House Samplings - "Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow" 

This much anticipated piece will be released at Nashville.  The model is stitched on 40 ct. Sand Dune.  Please feel free to pre-order the fabric.  Your credit cards will not be charged until your order is shipped.  The prices of fabric are as follows with no discounts:

40 ct. - $40.00
36 ct. - $52.00
32 ct. - $52.00

We now have package and supply information ready for you!

The Goode Huswif

Anne is releasing Volume IV of her designs which will be all Quaker along with 2 designs never published before.  We think the price will be $79.00 with no discounts, however it is subject to change.

If you missed Volumes I, II, and III, these are very limited so place your order now if you are interested.

Bent Creek

Some of the things we will see in Nashville - The next installment in the current Big Zipper will come in February.  There will be one more installment in April.

"The Branch" series has been so popular, there will be a Patriotic Branch starting in February.  Once that is complete, look for a Halloween Branch series!

To order or get more information on any of the items above, please send email to:

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